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Dance is my life

Hello everyone I'm SKE48 fans from Indonesia.
My name is Andhika
Kinoshita yukiko is my oshimen.
And I translate her blog everyday
It's because I like SKE doesn't mean I hate the other 48 group
Try to be a fan of SKE48 only and let me know how you feel ^__^
nice to know you tumblr friends
Feel free to ask me..
Jan 24 '14
Guess who ? :D

Guess who ? :D

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Jan 24 '14

Kinoshita Yukiko’s official blog 23-01-2014


Request hour day 1…☆



AKB48 Request hour best 200.2014

Day 1, ended safely★

How much melancholy is there inside a pomegranate

Pareo wa emerald

wimbledon e tsureteitte

We sang these songs!

I forget the rank。。

Please overlook this ( ゜д゜)lol

Thanks to those who voted it!

Especially、3 of us from 3rd Generation who sing it
I think I am very happy

Akarin, Yuria and me Had a greeeeat fun(=゜ω゜)ノ

Yukko-core also,I am veryyy happy♪

what song are gonna rank tomorrow ?

Everyone! I can’t wait♪


Yeay glad to see her in wimbledon..actually i want to see more  Yukko in action :D


Dec 24 '13

ahhh i miss my tumblr and my followers…its good to be back yeayy

Dec 24 '13

ahh its been a long time…

Aug 10 '13


14/ gifsets of Kinoshita Yukiko

Aug 9 '13
Aug 7 '13
Otsukareyukko \(//∇//)\

Otsukareyukko \(//∇//)\

Aug 7 '13


PandaYukko is so adorable~  (●´∀`●) 

Ok, she is so damn cute!! Pandaa yukko \(//∇//)\

Aug 2 '13
Magical girl Yukko \(//∇//)\

Magical girl Yukko \(//∇//)\

Aug 2 '13

Kinoshita Yukiko’s ameblo 01-08-2013


Good evening!

It’s Yukko!

Hope you had a good day。

Yesterday was…

Sapporo dome concert

After Fukuoka is Sapporo!

It’s a country in the north!!!

Although in Summer, It was very cool(´Д` )

To compare it to a season, it was a spring-like temperature~

It’s comfortable♪

But, inside Sapporo dome filled with a heated atmosphere♪

Nuooooo(´Д` )

It’s so lovely♪

Sorry, I’m in evening hyper mode。lol

It was the hometown of Azuma Rion-chan too, she had fun too♪

But every time I wear this purple costume, 
Manacchan tells me 
"Yukko, you look like a mage girl"。lol

Is that so?

Manacchan says it laughing, 
so I’m influenced and laugh too:
 ”should I try a mage girl persona~?”

We don’t know why we said ridiculous things like this。lol

Haha( ̄▽ ̄)

Thanks to those
who came to Sapporo dome!

I really like Sapporo(/////△/////)


changing the topic, 
i received lots of questions last time I gathered them, 
so I will answer little by little, k?

Q: Yukko is my 2nd oshi now, but can I come to your handshaking next time? 
A: And here it is!! the “Yukko 2nd oshi” pattern!!  
(such a dumb question, and so many wotas ask it)

I’m always waiting♪
I’ll do my best to become 1st oshi!

Q: Your fav song in the “Boku no Taiyo” show?
A: It’s Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?! 

I really like the lyric♪♪

That’s it for today!

Thanks for so many questions!

Tomorrow is outdoor live in Mihama☆


We’ll have a blastー!!!

Chu, Churi-san。lol



Aug 1 '13

Kinoshita Yukiko’s blog 01-08-2013

Good evening…☆


Yesterday was Sapporo。
Today is Nagoya。

The distance is just amazing。lol

I managed to properly buy souvenirs at the airport(´Д` )♪

Girls from other teams were snacking too!!!lol

well, no problem for me tho♪

We came back early to Nagoya and did a lesson all together !

I did my best and won against an extreme sleepiness←

Today I will take a good rest, 
and tomorrow I’m going to E-N-J-O-Y the outdoor live in Mihama

I am looking forward tomorrow!



Jul 31 '13

Kinoshita Yukiko’s blog 31-07-2013


Good evening…☆



Sapporo’s concert is done!!!

This is Rion-chan from 6th Gen hometown
here in Sapporo!!!

I can see rion’s unit [Kuroi Tenshi] very well♪

Rion can sing really well♪

I always goosebumps everytime she sings!lol

And so, many ske members were under the spotlight

I like Sapporo very much(*/ω\*)

Thank  you very much for today!


Even Yukko noticed how awesome is she! ^^


Jul 27 '13

Kinoshita Yukiko’s ameblo 26-07-2013

YUKIKO:Cheer dragon

Good evening(´Д` )

It’s Yukko!

I went to Nagoya dome today♪

The Chunichi VS Giants game。

The result is not good but。。cry

As a cheer dragons, we Cheered for them♪

Cheer dragons member are…

Takeuchi Mai chan
Suga Nanako chan
Futamura Haruka chan
Umemoto Madoka chan
And me
Kinoshita Yukiko!

I put on Doala’s ears and tail♪ lol

The staff made shirts with the names for each one of us, 
I was really happy(;_;)

All members were overjoyed♪

Thank you!

Last, I took a photo with all Cheer dragon’s members as memorial photo♪

Everyone was so kind, 
they taught us the choreo kindly and 
during the real thing we danced having fun,
taking lots of eye contact♪♪

In the center there’s the Cheer Dragons teacher, 
and in the end she told us 
"you all did a 120 points performance!"

It’s really fun♪

Doing the Cheer Dragon is rare,and Im glad we could do it thanks to Asahi Shinbun’s work experience!!!

I felt strong also because many fans cheered for us♪

Thank you!!

The publication date is on11th August!

On 10th August,There will be entame corner broadcasting
Please check it☆

I will support chunichi dragon from now on too☆



Jul 27 '13

Kiseki wa mani awanai Ryouha’s Version!!

She is doing well!

Jul 26 '13

Kinoshita Yukiko’s blog 26-07-2013

Cheer Dragons…☆

I gave it in my all in Cheer Dragons(´Д` )

It’s really fun♪

I put on Doala’s ears, tail, various accessories and cheered for them♪

Do I look good?(´Д` )

In today’s game,
Too bad that Chunichi lost today’s game, but we cheered for them
with all my might and I didn’t regret it!lol

I want to do it again♪♪


That custome is so cute,and that Tail !!